Ines, hundvakt nära Stockholm

STOCKHOLM!Calm, patient, professional attitude :)


Om Ines

As I am new here and have no references, let's contact me and meet! I'll visit your place and meet your dog than you can decide whether you would like to use my service or not :)

I have experience with different kinds of animals, horses (worked professionally in stable this year), my mother worked as zoo keeper and privately was a breeder of tonkinese cats. (you can see them in pictures :) ) And my brother's family breeds long haired shepherd dogs, one of them, Kenzo, you can see in the picture :) I would like you to describe me the character of your dog and all the details you think could be important, maybe your dog is afraid of something, please let me know. I'm available in Stockholm area, please contact me for further details, so we could discuss the schedule.

All animals, especially dogs as they are walked in the city require calm, patient, professional attitude. :)

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