Bárbara, hundvakt nära Stockholm

Let's go for a walk, buddy?


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Om Bárbara

Hello! My name is Bárbara, from Spain. I'm here in Sweden working as Au pair for one year.
Since I'm biologist and I have grown up around animals due to my father is a veterinarian, I really love animals. At home I enjoyed very much go for a walk with my dogs or my porcupine, or playing with my cats (even when day make a mess in my hands =P).

Here in Sweden I'm working as au pair, take care of 4 sweet kids in the south of Stockholm. But they have no pets, so I miss it so much. I'm not able to keep animals here, because the father is alergic, but I would enjoy walking dogs in the mornings and evennings, and also on weekends (full-time).

Thank you very much for your atention, I hope I can help you with your buddy! =)

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