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Om Rachele

Hi!👋 I’m Rachel, I’m a Italian young student here in Stockholm 🤓🇮🇹
I grew up surrounded by animals and nature because my family’s love for them. (🐕🐈🐹🐰🐾🦆🐔🐌🐿🦔,yeah,all these,ahahah).

I’m used to feed my pets and take my dogs to have a walk in the woods and in the city.🌇🏞
So I’m very easygoing with dogs and cats and I’m interested in understanding their attitudes and characters.

Seeing photos of pets make me mellow 😍
I enjoy to play and have walks and runnings in the park with them.

I’m very active and it would be nice if I could find dogs who want to train with me.🤸🏻‍♀️🤹🏻‍♀️
In the last years appeared many sports on which dogs and human can take part together.

This summer I’ve started to learn about dog’s education: I’ve worked with a dog’s instructor for a show and I’ve learnt about “dog’s language”.
My mum is going to be a dog instructor too.

I want to continue my studies to improve the human and dog wellbeing, because we can’t keep thinking that the verbal language is the only one existing.

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