Laurène, hundvakt nära Solna

Making the dogs happy makes me happy


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Om Laurène

I love dogs since my birth because I have always had dogs, all my family has a dog and I love to walk, play with them, petting them and running with them.
The dog is entirely part of my life and I want to make the dogs happy. My dog is with my parents in Paris, I am currently in Solna for the moment with my friend. We want to experience Swedish life, improve our English and learn Swedish.

At the bottom of the apartment we have a large garden and 2mins, a large park to walk around. No cars, dogs are safe.

I have spent as much time with small dogs (bichon, terrier, beagle, pug, cocker), medium size dogs (border collie, king charles, collie) and large dogs (German shepherd, dalmatian, labrador, golden Retriever) I have no preference and I am comfortable with all dogs.

The feeling always goes well with the dogs, they must feel the trust and love that I have for my dogs. I know how to adapt and I will listen to the needs of the dog. Is he afraid in the street? I will reassure and walk it in quiet places. It needs to be spent and play? No worries, I love it! He wants to sleep quietly at the end of the room, I will leave him alone. He wants to hug? Always there for that! I find his behavior strange? I will feel it and react accordingly.

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  • Svarsfrekvens: 100%
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  • Iréne

    Laurene var den perfekta hundvakten! Hon var förstående och lyhörd för vå¨r hunds behov och vi kände oss fullkomligt trygga! Det syntes verkligen att hon fick vår hund att trivas, han var jätteglad över att se henne varje morgon :)

    19:e Februari 2017