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I'm Ana-Maria and I am a student at SU. My experience with dogs started 8 years ago, when I decided to adopt a 2 years old rottweiler. This decision came with serious responsibility to create a bond with my dog and, most important, to train my already adult rottie. It was hard work, but our endless summer nights remain some of my dearest high school memories.

My dedication to the dog made me get to know other dedicated owners and, shortly, my discipline made them wanting me to spend time with their dogs, too. I always enjoyed time spend with dogs, discovering their personalities and helping their owners during the training sessions, so I accepted. In Bucharest, where I come from, dog sitting was never a real thing so, back then, I only did it out of pleasure.

Later, when I moved to Vienna for my studies, I realized that I could make extra money by doing something that brings me joy. Back then I helped a couple of people with their dogs, either for walks, dog sitting or training, of various breeds. I also gained some experience with dogs suffering from chronic illness, so I'm comfortable with administrating treatment, if needed.

❗ ❗ ❗ Here in Stockholm unfortunately I can not bring the dogs to my place, but I could gladly spend time with the dogs at your place, during the day or overnight. ❗ ❗ ❗

Looking forward to meeting you and your pup(s)!

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