Petar, hundvakt nära Malmö

We should love dogs like they love us :)


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Om Petar

Hi, my name is Petar and I am new here in Malmö. I got my dog as well, a beautifull Nikita, and i know that i wouldn't give her to anybody :) Dogs are people's best friends, we should be theirs too! :)

+ Love and respect dogs
´+ Over 10 years’ experience
+ In-depth knowledge of different dog breeds
+ Ensure that pets are safe and given adequate attention when their owners are away from home.
+ Exercise, socializing and play time are incorporated into the everyday schedule.
+ Basic dog grooming (cutting nails, bathing, tooth brushing, etc)
+ Responsible for feedings according to the owner's schedules and methods of care.
+ Each day created an individualized schedule based on needs and requests of clients
+ Provided house sitting duties which included: collected mail, newspaper and packages; watered plants; put garbage/recycling bins out on designated days.

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  • Svarsfrekvens: 75%
  • Svarstid: inom ett par timmar
  • Avbokningsregler för dygnspassning: Flexibel
  • Avbokningsregler för andra tjänster: Flexibel
  • Boendetyp: Lägenhet
  • Antal egna hundar: Ett
  • Jag kan ge medicin till hunden
  • Hundpassning är mitt heltidsjobb