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Om Amit

Hi My name is Amit and my little buddy's name is Hugo. i'm a Canadian living in Sweden since 4 and half yeats. we've Recently moved to Malmö from Gothenburg as i have started studing in malmö university.
we are Two cool dogs i.e me and my little buddy and we live in the city centre, Triangeln to be precise.

We love, playing endlessly, go for walks, bug each other, jumping around and then in the end just relax in each others company.

Eversince i moved to sweden i wanted a company i always love having - a pet. as i was missing my dogs back home in canada. my first pets in Sweden were two really really cute kittens who i loved and adored. Its been 3 and half years since, yet, i still miss them.

I have been an animal lover all my life. Luckily as a child I've always had dogs as part of my family as my parents are also animal lovers.
I bond with them, i understand them, i deeply care for them, i always try and make sure that i am a step ahead of my dog in trying to make him feel comfortable and keep him happy and active. i always make him my priority as i know he cannot express himself like we humans. so he has tons of toys to play around, 4 beds of his own yet he still prefers to sleep on my bed or in my arms if i'm on the couch.

we live a very active life and go for walks around town or to the sea side and if its bad weather then we got plenty of his toys around to play with.

since i'm a student i'm able to give him lot of time which is good for him as he is very active dog and loves playing all the time and he would love to have a company of another dog to play around with him. i believe your dog will have the best time with us.

OBS: jag förstå och prata svenska Ganska bra men har lite svårt att skriva på svenska och därför har jag skrivit allt här på engelska men du kan så klart skriva till mig på svenska :)

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  • Antal genomförda bokningar: 21
  • Svarsfrekvens: 91%
  • Svarstid: inom ett par timmar
  • Avbokningsregler för dygnspassning: Flexibel
  • Avbokningsregler för andra tjänster: Flexibel
  • Boendetyp: Lägenhet
  • Antal egna hundar: Ett
  • Utomhusplats: Balkong
  • Klaus

    Sandy was very happy with Amit! She played with Hugo and had fun! Not the last time she is visiting Amit

    6:e Juni 2017

  • Jeremy And Aleksandra
    Jeremy And Aleksandra

    Tequila stayed with Amit for 5 days. Amit stayed in touch with us during this time and kept sending pictures and updates every day. We can recommend Amit as a dogbuddy.

    30:e Maj 2017

  • Sarah

    Amit tog hand om lille Bert som var glad från sekund 1 😄 tack!

    21:a Maj 2017