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Om Laura

I've had dogs since I was a baby, my 4 year old son has had a dog since he was born and when I moved to Malmö my dog was coming with us or we weren't coming.
I have had horses, cats, dogs etc growing up and was always surrounded by animals. Even when I went to Uni I bought a cat despite not being allowed one as I couldn't be away from home with no animals and always felt something was missing when I didn't have an animal in my life.
I moved to Malmö from the UK 5 years ago and have never looked back. I love being outside and walking. The forest is my favourite place and with a dog by my side it's even more amazing!
I have spare time due to revaluating my life and career and thought what better way to spend that time with my puppy and some friends for her
We brought Lana from the UK with us, we had had her over 10 years from a rescued puppy but unfortunately she passed due to old age in 2015 but we now have a very energetic puppy in the family called Kara who is 12 weeks old and fully vaccinated and chipped.
Your dog will be loved, exercised and cuddled as if they were one of the family

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  • Svarsfrekvens: 100%
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Om du föredrar en viss tid, meddela Laura det.
  • Boendetyp: Lägenhet
  • Antal egna hundar: Ett
  • Utomhusplats: Balkong
  • Jag har bil vid en nödsituation
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  • Jag har barn under 18 år i hemmet
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