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It's raining dogs...and dogs!


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Om Belén

I didn't like dogs or cats...but Lázaro came into my life. A cinnamon small Labrador that my brothers and me adopt four years ago. I was scared of animals in general, but I couldn't resist to him -his faithfulness and his company!- Together with that, just some weeks ago a new dog was adopted: Theo! A small Springer Spaniel that is funny and lovely...Thus, I have to share my love!
Unfortunately, Lázaro and Theo are in Madrid, with my parents, and I'm taking some courses about Art History at the University of Stockholm this year. Here, I really mis them and I want to find a new four-legged friend! As my classes at the uni are not very stressful, I'm quite free to be your perfect dog-sitter :)

Just text me if you have any question about me/my fees. I will be delighted to help you!

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  • Christopher

    Belen is a true gem. She has been extremely caring and responsible with our Max. Highly recommended.

    19:e Februari 2017

  • Sophia

    Belén är pålitlig och väldigt kärleksfull mot Svea.

    10:e Februari 2017