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Pournami Krishnan

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Om Pournami Krishnan

I was bought up in an Indian family where Dogs were considered as scary animals and we were not even allowed to even think of having one at home. My Mother had a very bad experience with a stray dog during her childhood days. As the saying very well implies, "Forbidden fruits tastes sweeter". My fascination for dogs started increasing as I grow. You can find lot of stray dogs in the roads of India and my upbringing made me look at them with scared eyes. This made me look at pet dogs also with scary eyes. But when I was spending my summer holidays at my relatives place, everything changed. They had a beautiful, friendly, fluffy, snow white 8 year old Pomeranian breed and after one day I had fallen in love with her. Nobody could separate us for the rest of the holiday. That vacation was a major turning point in my life and made me look at dogs with a different eye. I was not even scared of stray dogs after that. And about pet dogs, I love to pet them and be with them.
I do not have any professional experience as a dog sitter. But I have helped my friends and neighbors in taking care of their dogs. I love walking and playing with them and also feeding and bathing them. My neighbor had 3 different breeds of dogs and also 6 or 7 puppies born to each of them. So I have helped her take care of the puppies as well, right after a week from their birth. My love for them keep on growing each and every day and I love each seconds I spend with them.
I can promise you that your babies will be safe in my hands and will be treated as my very own. Enjoy your evening with the assurance that your dogs are in trusted hands.

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