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I hold a Masters Degree in Ethology (Animal Behaviour) from LiU. I am also regularly educating myself in dog behaviour and training. I have a male Samoyed who loves the company of other dogs. We love the outdoors, training, and relaxing. We often go for walks in Vallaskogen but I also take the dogs to other fun places - always with the owner's consent (e.g. dog parks or fenced areas so they can run and play freely, new places). A day with us includes play with me and other dogs (if your dog is the playful kind), enrichment (aktivering), walks (duration according to your dog needs), and relaxing time. If your dog has any other needs just let me know.

I'm not a dog trainer but I am always happy to help you continue with your training if you wish so (only positive reinforcement). So if you're looking for some help while you're at work or on holidays, and would like for your dog to get a new friend don't hesitate to contact me.

P.S. Feel free to speak to me in Swedish (I understand it quite well, especially when it comes to dogs) but please bear with me replying in English.


- Please walk your dog BEFORE bringing him/her to us. Even though your dog may be room clean at your place, keep in mind that you're bringing him to a new environment where another dog lives. So please make sure your dog has had enough time during their walk with you to pee and poop so we don't have any incidents at home.

- Because I take care of several dogs at the same time (including dogs that I take for walks only) I ONLY offer help to dogs that:

🐶 Are friendly with other dogs
🐕 Can stay alone for a couple of hours (alternative: like going by car)
🐩 Walk nicely on the leash (or at least not heavy pullers)

If you think we are the right fit for you and your dog is the right fit for us, I promise your best friend will get the best care as if he/she was my own.


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  • Alexandra & Jonas
    Alexandra & Jonas


    11:e Februari 2019

  • Behzad

    Supertrevlig och snäll. Tack för alla bilder och video. Lucy var jätteglad. Rekommenderas

    14:e December 2018

  • Yoshie

    Mikkan is so happy with Andrea and Rudi, definitely recommend☆☆☆

    5:e December 2018

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