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Om Jo

My passion for dogs came in my early childhood when my sister and me got our own first dog, a Belgian Shepherd. Since then, I was hooked with dogs of all kind.

He got trained to be a Protection Dog as this race still has its native strong instincts. He was never castrated and did not like other male dogs, but therefore listenes perfectly and I learned to handle a strong and big dog when I was twelve years old, already.

Since I moved to Sweden, I miss the daily walks with my dog, the playing, cuddling and training. So I decided to do that here in Sweden, as well. It does not matter how big or small, I first of all love all kinds of dogs and will handle and treat them like my own.

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  • Fredrik

    Mycket trevlig. Lugn och trygg tillsammans med vår hund Sigge. Bokar gärna igen!

    22:a Mars 2017