Marieta, hundvakt nära Jönköping

Dog camp and spa, all in one for your furry friend


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Om Marieta

Hej allihopa!, Marieta heter jag och kommer från Mexiko. Jag har bott i Jönköping för över två år sedan. Jag tycker mycket om hundarna och min hund flytadde från Mexiko i fjol. Jag kan Spanska, Engelska och lite Svenska.
I live with my 5 year old mixed dog (Vika) and my sambo, who loves dogs as much as I do. Vika is a playful and most of the time quiet dog, but sometimes she gets a bit noisy (grunts and does weird dog noises) specially when she wants to keep playing or go out for a walk. She is used to live with dogs, in Mexico she lived with a Pug and other two mixed dogs, so hosting dogs for her is fun.
I offer different services for your furry friend:

Walking the dog: I pick up and leave the dog at your home, the stroll takes one hour and I mix the walk with play (if possible) as both are important for the dog's happiness. What I need is the leash, poop bags and a ball or toy to play with the dog.

Daycare: You leave and pick up the dog at my place, the regular service is from 7:30 to 17:30 hrs. During the daycare I take the dog outdoors 2 times or even 3 if it is necesary, the first one is when the dog gets to my place as we take a short walk (15 min) so it can do its business and get to the same energy level that we have at home (this is important because we have a dog at home). And during the second stroll I walk and play with the dogs around one hour or two, depending mostly on the weather. Around my flat there are many trails and the beach is a 15 or 20 min walk from here so I walk them there often. What I need for daycare is your dog's leash, poop bags, bed, plates, food and its favorite toy.

24 hrs: You leave and pick up the dog at my place, I do most of the things of the daycare, the main differences are that I walk the dog 3 times, the third one is before going to bed and that I take care of it for 24hrs.

Hope to hear from you soon :D

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  • Amanda

    Perfekta hundvakten! Är mån om alla hundars bästa och engagerad i uppfostran och träning.

    4:e Mars 2017

  • Sofia

    Fick hem en trött hund som verkar nöjd efter dagen.

    22:a Februari 2017

  • Emily, hundvakt nära Jönköping

    Jag är jättenöjd och känner mig trygg i att lämna min hund till Marieta! :)

    31:a Januari 2017
    Marieta, hundvakt nära Jönköping

    Tack Emily :D Det är jätteroligt att rasta din hund med Vika.

    31:a Januari 2017