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Om Hedvig

My name is Hedvig and I am a 26 year old performer living in London. The most important thing to know about me is that I love animals, I enjoy being with them and I will do my very best to make your dog feel happy and safe.

I've taken care of both big and small dogs such as boxers, cocker spaniels, toy poodles, pugs et.c. I've also taken care of my grandma's dog for longer periods of time when she's been on holidays. I'm a very active person and I go for long walks every day, so it would be lovely with some four legged company:) 

I've also had two beautiful British short hair cats for 17 years. My parents had a cat breeding company and I helped with that, taking care of altogether 21 kittens.

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  • Eva

    We are so thankful that Hedvig came to our need at the very last minute for dog walking. She walked our dogs for more than an hour, also in the pouring rain, ensuring they got all their exercise. She used the dogbuddy tracker and we were able to see how much they walked and if they went to the toilet. She returned our dogs and kindly offered to dry them. Very thankful and we would love to use you again in the future

    4:e December 2018
    Hedvig, hundvakt nära East Finchley

    Thank you for those kind words Eva- that means a lot! All the best! Hedvig

    4:e December 2018

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